The specific objectives for the Fish Health Section are:

  • to promote effective interaction and cooperation among persons involved in fish health research;
  • to encourage and promote investigation and advances in knowledge of fish health;
  • to focus attention on fish health problems by disseminating technical and other information on all aspects of fish health; and
  • to promote the proper implementation of effective fish health protection practices in the region.

The Fish Health Sections realizes these objectives by:

  • holding, on a regular rotational basis, a triennial "Symposium on Diseases in Asian Aquaculture," a meeting of members to discuss broad issues and specific topics related to fish health;
  • compiling and disseminating proceedings, notes and abstracts of Section-sponsored fish disease conferences and workshops, and other relevant information on fish health to Section members and to the general public;
  • compiling and submitting a report to the parent Society covering the period since the last Triennial General Meeting, containing a summary of the activities of the Section (in the region), the status of fish health problems, significant progress made towards their control, and recommendations for Society action, as appropriate; and
  • promoting the development and use of standardized, internationally accepted techniques for the detection and diagnosis of diseases of aquatic animals determined to have regional importance.

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