Video Recording: Fish Health Section Webinar "Beauty and the Beast: Important Parasites of Fish"

The Fish Health Section (FHS) of the Asian Fisheries Society (AFS) recently organized a webinar on fish parasitology. This was held virtually on 9 December 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand, and attended by around 339 participants from at least 20 countries around the world.  With the many aquatic animal disease problems affecting the aquaculture industry, fish parasites are often overlooked mainly because of their limited impacts on production compared to viral and bacterial diseases.  However, some of these parasites, if left uncontrolled, can also cause significant production losses or affect the marketability of harvested fish.  Thus, this webinar was undertaken to raise awareness on the importance of parasites on both farmed and wild fish populations, to understand their mechanisms of infestation (including their life cycle), as well as disease prevention and control.

Renowned fish parasitologists in the region and in the world were invited to talk on important parasites of freshwater and marine fishes.  Video recordings of the webinar are listed below:

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